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Ready to use 

Your digital field record system

The conventional vineyard register is a thing of the past.

Manage and store your parcel data through our field record system.

Vineyard Cloud will input your data from the vineyard register for you.

All the key data of your vineyards is therefore readily available to start working now.

Your key data at a glance

Where is this land parcel, and what's its condition?

How big is this land parcel? How many rows? How many vines per row?

All of the above and much more real-time information for you about your vineyards.

Discover entirely new ways of getting your work done efficiently.

Grape varietals | Age | Infestation

See everything important in a user-friendly overview on one page.

It's the end of the year and some land parcels have to be cleared?

Create a task, assign your employees and select the relevant land parcels.

During the year, one of your parcels gets infested? No problem... with just one click
you can focus your employees' attention on the most important tasks at hand.

Additional data

New or old land parcel - how big is the rootstock gap?

You want to gather and store additional information about your vineyards.

Vineyard Cloud allows you to do just that, quick and easy. 

Row-specific precision

Starting from the PRO-version, your vineyards will be digitally calibrated down to  < 5cm per row. 

For the first time, you can now manage and oversee your field operations row-specific, efficient and cost-effective. 

More Functions
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