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You like the Vineyard Cloud idea?

You'll fit right in with us!

We are looking for ambitious and creative people to support us in making Vineyard Cloud always better. Is that you?

The work of our clients means everything to us.

Across Europe, Vineyard Cloud changes the way winemakers and other special crop farmers organize their field work. Knowing that your talent and hard work helps thousands of people to produce healthier and better food more sustainably, is something very special.

we work as a team

Our team is still smaller than ten plus a few freelancer colleagues. Considering our path over the last year, this is a remarkable achivement for our team. Every week brings new challenges, and every week we come together to solve them.


When we call it a day, we like to organize team events, Happy Hours, workshops, dinner and much more...

We work in Ludwigshafen and Landau

After 2 1/2 years in Burrweiler working from our originating vineyard on the Annaberg, it was time to move to our new office in Ludwigshafen. Funny enough this office is already almost full, so we are currently looking for a new nice and spacious office at our second future location in Landau in the Palatinate.

We like to stay happy, healthy and inspired.

Vineyard Cloud came to stay.

We offer 20 - 25 holidays, flexible working hours with home-office options, lots and lots of room for your creativity and much more – think of culture events, dinning together and team events

We work hard to ensure a sustainable and positive impact for the working experience of our clients. Together as a team, we strive to become a household name in agritech & smart farming. Our actions are well thought through and carefully executed – if this approach suits you, we would love to hear from YOU.

We caught your interest? Join our Team.

We are always looking for fantastic people like yourself.

Have a look at our current open positions.



Web developper with experience


Did not find the position you are currently looking for? We welcome your application send to

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