We get through this together

We want to help

Let's go!

Covid-19 does not scare us!

  • Help each other

  • Share your parcels with your colleagues

  • Plan WHAT needs to be done WHERE and HOW

  • Share your manpower and your staff


Dear winemakers,

we hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and sound.

The shock waves of this unexpected situation hits all of us stronger day by day. It is completely uncertain, how long we have to isolate ourselves and hence we will likely lose most of our saisonal workers in the vineyards in the near future.

Since we don't want to be forced to already give up the 2020 season, Vineyard Cloud decided to be part of a solution to help winemakers and special crop farmers to get through this year as undamaged as possible, and save our beloved viticulture in Germany and all across Europe.

We therefore offer the free-of-charge use of our Vineyard Cloud web & app solutions for the upcoming three months till at least the end of June 2020.

Many of you will already know Vineyard Cloud. We offer a solution to organise all work tasks related to your field work. You can allocate your parcels to the relevant tasks and your workers receive their individual tasks automatically via our app.

Imagine you know three colleagues in your area, but only one of you has sufficient staff to get all the field work done in the near future. Now you can share your parcels and the related tasks with your colleagues, and you can jointly work together to get all field work done with the remaining available work force.


Thanks to the Vineyard Cloud app, your remaining field workers know which parcels they have to work on and they can even use our build-in navigation to actually find the right parcels. You can plan ahead and even give detailed instructions on how you want certain working steps to be done, giving you control over the process quality.

Should you be unable to find suitable colleagues to share the workload with, you can create the required tasks in Vineyard Cloud and then we will try to find suitable field workers within our client network to help you save this season!


No monthly cost for the use of Vineyard Cloud for


the next three months


for all new accounts

until at least the end of June 2020

with no contractual obligations

Should you want to use our onboarding service, we have also thought of a special offer. Instead of the regular 29 Euro / ha, we offer you this service for only 15 Euro / ha, of which only

10 Euro / ha have to be paid upfront. The remaining 5 Euro / ha are due at the earliest at the end of June 2020.

The free-of-charge use of Vineyard Cloud can be extended by us, should this situation after June 2020 does not improve considerably.

Once we get through this crisis, you are free to decide whether you want to keep using Vineyard Cloud or if we should rather delete your account and your data.


Stay healthy and let's work together!



We winemakers are desperately looking for any helping hand.

It does not matter if you have viticulture experience or not. Everyone is welcome. Register now and help all of us.