Pest Management

Efficiency meets cost-control

Calibrating, volumetric dosing, infestation -  sounds familiar?

Vineyard Cloud explains all of the above - and much more - to your staff.


Vineyard Cloud also supports you finding the optimal level calibrations for your spray chemicals and even helps you purchasing them.

The basis of calculation

Gross- or net surface area, or even gross- or net canopy surface?


Vineyard Cloud offers all four bases of calculation*.


Discover how many acres of canopy surface you really own.


Adjust your volumetric dosing accordingly, and save money now.

Brewing volume

While setting up pest management tasks, the system will let you know the exact volumetric dosing for the required plant protection products, inkl. water.

Purchase your pesticides, herbicides etc. as efficient as possible.

Vineyard Cloud also provides you and your employees with a calculator to derive the right mixing quantities of your products with respect to your individual spray nozzle capacities.

Finally, dosing, mixing and spraying is possible on a per-parcel basis. 

Never over- or underdose again.


Save money now.

Export & Documentation

Comfortably export all pest management activities as a PDF or Excel document.

Independent of any preselections or prior parcel  aggregations.

Vineyard Cloud can always report on a per-parcel basis. This ensures you worry- and stress-free future audits.

Once a task has been set up, you don't have to worry about documentation anymore. 
Every process will be recorded automatically per parcel, just by one click in the mobile app.

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* PRO-version required for net calculations


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