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Points of Interest

Tired of searching for your hand-written notes from field work?

How much time have you wasted trying to find the slack wire? - broken picket?


Just set a POI with your current location. You and your staff will know where to repair?


Choose from over 100 different icons to register all notes and incidents in your vineyards.

Your staff can act instantly on new POIs and can work on issues row-specific and efficiently.

  • Sorted by categories

  • Individual descriptions

  • Define POI colors individually

  • Rotate POIs to give precise context related route directions

  • Prioritize your land parcels on the job

Parcel-specific POI

You found a broken picket? Set a POI and instantly let your coworkers know.

Your parcel-specific POI will conveniently show up every time the relevant parcel is selected or part of a task. 

Global POI

You set up a cistern or a fertilizer silo?

Flag a global POI.

Global POIs are always shown on the map, regardless of tasks or parcels selected.

More Functions
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