Task Management

for your staff

Control your field operations with Vineyard Cloud, whether it's one regular task for just one land parcel, or global tasks for several or all land parcels. 

Never forget a task again.

Vineyard Cloud helps you manage periodic and recurring tasks automatically. 

Never let your time-critical tasks, like pest management, dictate your progress again.

Regular & recurring tasks

Every year the same procedure

Trimming, pulling, tethering, mulching, tacking etc.

Plan and manage your regular and recurring tasks with our task categories or create your own categories.

Graphical & Filter selection

Are you tired of selecting from lists?

Use our graphical selection function.

For more specific search requests, Vineyard Cloud offers you an extensive array of filter options.


It was never easier to quickly select and manage your land parcels.

Real Time

Field operations tasks are often completed by several employees at the same time.

Vineyard Cloud was developed for these exact circumstances.

Regardless of which end device you are using, our unique real-time synchronization helps you track which tasks have already been completed. 

No more manual synchronizing, everything runs automatically with Vineyard Cloud.

Echtkundendaten - BASIC-Version
Row-specific precision

Starting from the PRO-version, your vineyards will be digitally calibrated down to < 5cm per row. 

For the first time, you can now manage and oversee your field operations row-specific, efficient and cost-effective.