Engineered for viticulture




Your central command

Keep the control, always, anywhere, anytime. 


Digital field record system

One land parcel identifier but many grape varieties - no longer a problem
All your data readily available and centrally stored


The paradigm change

Plan, manage, monitor and document all the work in your vineyards - row-specific and in real-time

Task categories

Cost unit = Task categories

Monitor your time efficencies. Besides the vast choices of task categories
already offered in Vineyard cloud, create your own task categories.


Your competitive edge

Which tasks have already been done? From extruding to harvesting. Regardless
which end device - Real-time synchronization between your staff


Points of Interest

Slack wire - broken picket?

Just set a POI with your current location. You and your staff will know where to repair


Pest management

Get ahead of your business

No more waste of resources on tasks done on a rough estimation

Fertilizer regulations

User-friendly documentation

Thanks to ever-increasing fertilizer regulations in the European Union, documentation has evolved into a time-critical basket of tasks.

Vineyard Cloud automatically documents these tasks and minimizes your administrative costs 

Centralized Chronology

Be always one step ahead

Centralized chronologies are already standardized in most other industries:


Enabling you to benchmark and control your unit costs per task / employee / parcel

The App

Vineyard Cloud is your corkscrew for field operations

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