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Revolutionize your viticulture

The cloud solution for your field operations

Vineyard Cloud

Geographic Information System meets Farm Management

Only very few plants need as much dedication and care as our grapes need. Once the entire team and family pulls together in fall for the harvest, and the precious yield arrives in the cellar, we know why the life of a winemaker is such a rewarding and fulfilling passion.

This complex, demanding, and rewarding work is at the heart of what we do here at Vineyard Cloud. 

With Vineyard Cloud, you don’t just manage your field operations remotely from anywhere in the world. With Vineyard Cloud, you enable yourself to produce superior wine with any technical support there is, sustainably, parcel by parcel.

Our user-friendly Apps for Android and iOS help you to plan all daily tasks and all work progress is automatically documented and ready for online analysis.

If needed, you may react to any situation in your vineyard in real time, on your mobile device.

Your staff reaches work targets more efficiently, and every parcel can be found quickly also by new team members, thanks to our mobile navigation and the GIS-based field management. 

You save time and keep your nerves with our automated pest management and fertilization documentation. Always know, which parcels in which task are still to do. See all required maintenance jobs with one quick view.

More time for really important things. Get a profound overview. Reach sustainably better yields.

Together with Vineyard Cloud.


anywho anywhere anytime

Create, follow and document all tasks for your staff in our Vineyard Cloud app in real-time.

No more paper wars and endless documentations in the office. While working with our App in the fields, all documentation is taken care off automatically by Vineyard Cloud.

Now available for

Android and iOS


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